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Why people have been hiring taxis and limos in the melbourne australia

March 9th, 2017

In this era taxis play an important part of the daily life for many people especially in the big cities. Whether someone wants to go to work or coming back from work or for meeting or just for night out taxis have a vital role for us. There can be more than one form of private transport service but when it comes to the reliability and speed taxis are the best option.

In the first world countries where you might not have an option like 3 wheeler s or other high pollution emitted vehicles taxis are the main transport for people who don’t want to drive and neither want to catch the public transport. Melbourne is a one of the fastest growing city in the first world countries where there are some 4.5 million people are living. It is also a fast growing economy that shows that Melbourne people known as Melbourne are having busy lifestyle. Everyone wants a perfect and reliable taxi services into the lowest rates. So Taxi companies should follow these all things then they can be satisfied to the customers.

The geography of Melbourne is very vast, from one end to another it can be up to 100 km. So people traveling from one side to another also like to catch a cab. Every cab in Melbourne is air condition and luxury from inside which also attracts people to leave the public transport and get into a taxi. Melbourne is a modern city as well as it is very multicultural. There you will find people from almost every part of the world. But apart from this Melbourne’s, the night life culture is also very popular. Especially, among young boys and girls. Young people like to go out for the party and have a drink. As per the transport law in Melbourne people cannot drive after getting the alcohol therefore they have to rely on the taxis.

Melbourne is also most popular for the tourism, yet the tourism is the second biggest trade in Melbourne, and taxis and hire cars play a huge role in that. Taxi drivers are the best guide for any city so many tourist also like to catch a cab or book a hire car when they visit Melbourne. Either they are coming from the airport, going back to the airport or just for the city sightseeing tours, people catch taxis and hire cars & limo.


Being a first world country, and one of the fastest city, people in Melbourne whether local or tourist like to catch a cab. Because it comes in the lifestyle or sometime necessity as well because being large city in size people don’t bother to jump on the public transport. On the top of that people like to party often and get drunk so after the drinks they are not allowed to drive hence they also catch taxis and hire cars.

Taxi on time service in Melbourne

July 29th, 2015

Melbourne’s taxis are a easy way to get from the airport to any destination. You can have a taxi from designated taxi ranks, you can also pre-booked a cab from online . Taxi fares vary based on distance, location and time of travel. Additional charges apply on some public holidays, when booking in advance, making an electronic payment, using toll roads.

Silver Prestige Cabs is providing very effective and reliable services to the customers. The staff is very professional and always on time they are available to you 24/7  hours . They provides the receipts to the customers also. The information that it contains (such as taxi company, Taxi ID number and time of travel) is vital should you accidentally leave any items behind or wish to provide feedback. We are always welcome to our customers.wish you a good luck..

Comparing taxi rates with other transportation rates

July 5th, 2015

Everyone in today’s world living a fast life style. Young people who wants to pursue their careers are moving into better cities or into better countries for more opportunities. So people living in the big cities or first world countries are having a modern lifestyle.

When we talk about the modern lifestyle or fast life, transportation plays a very big role in everyone’s life. There could be many forms of transportation such as private motor vehicles, public transport such as buses and trains and private transport such as taxis and limo hire cars.This article is regarding the cost associated with different travel mediums.

When we talk about the cost, generally public transportation comes cheaper than the private transport but as they say that you win something and you lose something. Public transportation is not a quick way to move as quickly as the private transport.

When you are planning your journey by public transport, so save some money but you also sacrifice the luxury private transportation in melbourne . For example you will have to walk to the pickup stations either a bus stop or a train station and you will be sharing the space with so many people where as if you can afford a taxi or a hire car which are private transports you can order while sitting in your lounge room and they will come to you to pick you up.

When we talk about the corporate world, generally their time is money and they also need bit for privacy as well. Some time they might want to do some work during their journey such as working on the laptop or in the conference call. So they are ready to pay the extra value for the need of the privacy comfort and time saving.

On the other hand of you are a tourist and want to see the city but at the same time you also want to save some money as well then public transportation is there for you. You are not in any sort of rush and you are saving on the cost as well.



instructions to follow when you book a cab in melbourne

June 30th, 2015

Melbourne is the most livable city in the world. Here you can find people from all over the world residing peacefully. Being an English country the main language is English but apart from that there are people from many ethnic backgrounds such as Greek, Italian, European, Lebanese, Indian, Asians and Africans as well.
When people need any public or private service there are options for more than one language. This article is about booking private cabs or hire cars.

There are some 5000 cabs and 2000 hire cars in Melbourne. Hire cars are form of a prestigious taxi service. Every taxi has to be a part of a network provider which are so called taxi depos. In Melbourne there are some three taxi depos such as silver top, 13 cabs and platinum but at the same time there are some better networks which deal with the corporate travelers such as silver prestige cabs.

When you need to book a taxi or hire limo in melbourne you can book by calling their phone number or you can book online as well. When you need to book a premium taxi which is a hire cars you can contact silver prestige cabs. You can call on their 24/7 number or you can just send them a text and they will reply back.

As silver prestige cabs is a superior taxi hire car service, you have more options when you book. They have a website as well which is silver prestige cabs . Customer can log into the website and can book online well. Upon receiving the booking Taxi Company will contact the customer to confirm the booking.

When you book with a regular taxi company, you don’t receive any confirmation when taxi arrives whereas when you book with silver prestige cabs, they send a text message to the customer on approach. This can be a great convenience for those people who book for early mornings. They can sit inside and enjoy their tea while they wait for the text and generally drivers are more professional customer gets 10-15 mins complimentary wait.

There are many taxi companies such as silver top and yellow cabs. There is a superior taxi company which is silver prestige cabs. You can book with any company with the similar way but you get better service when you book with silver prestige cabs.


June 29th, 2015

The need of transportation is now have been all over the world. The most of the people use cabs to go from one place to another place. There are different methods of transportation. People all over the world make use of different modes of public transportation however for private and comfortable transfers, the cabs which are also known as taxis in many parts of the world are the most popular means of transportation.

People make use of cabs for managing their transfers from one place to another especially when it comes to families or luxury transportation. In the past, private cars were hired aside from public transportation such as buses, trains because there was no concept of cabs.The online cab and car booking is a complimentary service and for the companies it is more convenient and time saving to receive their orders online and also get their payments made online. This is not only convenience at the customer’s level but also at the management level. The Taxi and Limo hire services offered by various ground transportation firms include special added benefits in order to encourage and attract more customers towards online booking system instead of opting for the old procedure.

The customers are moving more and more towards online reservation and car hire and this system is going to be implemented completely in the new era making it possible for everyone to acquire online services cabs . The prices through taxis are fixed per kilometer, however in cabs they are lump sum and though based on the distance only, they are charged from the customer as approximate lump sum. If the person want immediate cab then he/she can call to their valuable customers. The cab company (SILVER PRESTIGE CABS), they send their drivers for the better services for their valuable customers. Hiring a taxi service you will get picked up whenever and wherever required. The trained taxi drivers will guide you to your destination, if it’s a new area or location for you. The only thing you need to do is let the driver know the place you want to visit example : sightseeing in melbourne . Your valuable time is not wasted in learning the route or asking different people to reach the desired place.

Taxi Transport Solution In Melbourne

June 27th, 2015

Thinking of Booking a Cab in Melbourne, whether for a Melbourne Local trip or Going to the Airport – Now there is a great News!!!

Silver Prestige Cabs is Taking all sorts of taxi bookings and send you a premium car at the rates no more then a normal taxi ride.  Simply call them and they will answer your call straightaway. Alternatively you can send open up their website silver prestige cabs  and book online as well.
Silver Prestige cabs specialized at the Melbourne airport pickups and drop off. When you book for an airport job, you will be driven by chauffeured driven vehicles and you will not paying more then what you would pay in a regular cab.

Need a Taxi Or Limo service

June 17th, 2015

Whether you are travelling local or to the airport in the near future, now there is a great news, at Silver Prestige Cabs you can call 24/7 and your booking will be looked after by the most experienced and professional people in the taxi industry. When you book with Silver Prestige Cabs, you have three different options to book for you convenience. You can call, send text SMS and also book online as well. When you call you don’t have to wait on the phone and your call will be answered straightway and when you book online one of our staff will call you ASAP to confirm your pickup details such as name, address, pickup time and your mobile number.

We have different levels of services. When you book for the local trips we will send you or Silver service range cabs in Melbourne which are equipped with the meters but when you book for the Airport trip or a longer trip we send you or best cars which are chauffeur driven cars. These car are flashier then the normal taxis. Most of these cars are black color and drivers are in full suits and will open the doors for you. There will be no meter in these cars and will be set price run which will be equal to the normal taxi ride.

Melbourne Airport travelers can book us from the airport as well. To book from the airport we would ask you for your return flight details and the day you would be landing. We have direct number from the airlines where we can track the flight any time. As soon as flight lands our chauffeur driver will walk into the terminal and will wait for you near the baggage are holding your name sign.

Another good thing about using silver prestige cabs is that you don’t have to carry cash or your cards with you. When you book on the phone you can also pay as well. This option is only available on the bookings made by calling or by text messages. At the end of your trip we will also ask you for the feedback which helps us to improve our service to serve you better in the future. We also offer discount rides to or loyal and regular customers.